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SAHA EXPO Virtual Exhibition

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2020-11-09 - 2021-04-09 All day

SAHA EXPO Virtual Exhibition will be held online between 09 November 2020 – 09 April 2021, with over 300 participants, with video conferences in the first week. SAHA EXPO Virtual Exhibition, will host thousands of defence sector professionals from Turkey and the World.

At SAHA EXPO Virtual Exhibition, companies and government representatives from North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, North and Continent Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and many other countries will participate in B2B / B2G meetings. Participants will be able to introduce their latest products, systems and designs and establish international collaborations by video conferences with procurement committees from Turkey and the World. The Virtual Exhibition will continue to be open to visits and B2B / B2G meetings among companies and delegations for 5 months.

Stand locations and prices of our participants who have signed contracts for SAHA EXPO 2020 will be valid for the Exhibition to be held in 2021. In addition, SAHA EXPO 2020 participants will be able to participate in SAHA EXPO Virtual Exhibition, which will be held right after the exhibition in 2021, without any cost.

SAHA EXPO Virtual Exhibition can be accessed via PC web browser, mobile browser or SAHA EXPO mobile application without downloading any applications. Persons authorized to log in will be able to log into the system from anywhere in the world. Entries to the system will have 3 different statuses as Participant, Delegation and Visitor.

While the defence industry professionals from Turkey and the World stroll through the virtual exhibition 24/7, they will be able to;

Examine 3D models of companies in detail with Virtual Reality technologies,
Watch video presentations of companies and products,
Download product catalogues,
Make live video conferences with relevant people from the company.
The delegations will request a video meeting from the exhibitors, the registered delegation members will request a video meeting from the participating companies and they will determine the meeting time mutually through the software.

SAHA EXPO Virtual Exhibition participants will be able to get information such as which user visited their stands, how long they stayed, whether they downloaded files or not, so they will be able to reach and interact with their target customers more easily.