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Ukraine ordered four ADA-class corvettes from Turkey

Ukraine has signed agreements with Turkish companies on technology transfer and production of four ADA-class corvettes and UCAVs for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on 15th December, Ukraine MoD announced. The signing took place during the visit of the Turkish delegation headed by the President of the Defence Industries of the Republic of Turkey.

According to the Minister of Defence of Ukraine, these are primarily projects designed to radically strengthen the combat capabilities of the Ukrainian Navy to enhance security in the Black and Azov Sea regions.

The parties discussed the implementation of the agreements within the framework of the intergovernmental agreement and noted that the cooperation between Ukraine and Turkey in the field of defence is of a strategic nature.

“These are the first foreign economic agreements on military goods,” said the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.
In October the MoD of Ukraine and the President of the Turkish Defence Industries signed a Memorandum outlining their intentions to launch and implement joint projects to build warships, unmanned aerial vehicles, and all types of turbines. At the same time, a Framework Military Agreement was signed between the two countries.



The new agreement covers the transfer of technology from Turkey, armed UAV, and corvette production in line with the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
A total of four corvettes are planned to join the Ukrainian Navy as part of the agreement.

Turkey will also deliver a total of four ADA-class corvettes to Pakistan.

ADA-class corvette:

The Ada-class, as part of the MILGEM project, represents the first national shipbuilding project staged in Turkey. Its goal was to build a modern corvette with indigenous anti-submarine warfare and high-seas patrol capabilities, extensively using the principles of stealth technology in its design.

The first ship in class TCG Heybeliada (F-511) was launched in September 2008 and commissioned with the Turkish Navy in September 2011. The fourth and final ship of the class TCG Kınalıada (F-514) was commissioned in September 2019. This final corvette successfully test-fired the new ATMACA anti-ship missile in November last year. The corvettes of Ukraine will not be outfitted with ATMACA.

The class is designed to embark on a 10-ton helicopter with a platform, hangar, and extensive service and handling equipment. Helicopter operations can be performed at sea state 4. A MILGEM corvette is designed to accommodate 106 sailors including the flight crew. The total accommodation is 108 including sickbay.

Milgem-class are multipurpose corvettes able to conduct a wide range of missions, including reconnaissance, surveillance, anti-submarine warfare, surface-to-surface and surface-to-air warfare.

Main specifications:

– Displacement: 2400 tonnes
– Length: 99m
– Beam: 14.4m
– Draft: 3.9m
– Propulsion: CODAG (Turkey); CODAD (Pakistan)
– Speed: 15 to 30 knots
– Range: 3500 nautical miles (Turkey)
– Crew: 93
– Weapon: 1x gun 76 mm OtoMelara; 2x 12,7mm STAMP; 8 × Atmaca; 21 × RAM Block; 2 × 324 mm Mk.32 triple launchers for Mk.46 torpedoes (Turkey)


Naval News – Dorian Archus – December 17, 2020 – Link to source

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